It’s a democracy,

Emotion opposing objectivity.

A battle between logic and feelings.

A balance within me.

It’s hard to function without the trade,

The yin and the yang.

If I’m singing my truth,

The base will never fade.

The lyric and rhythm relate,

Collide in the playback.

It’s off track.

Who cares if it’s catchy or new.

It’s out of tune. 

Making deals with another entity.

Solidarity against vulnerability.

it’s always risky.

Are we the ally or the enemy?

We can declare peace,

But It’s so easy

To break a treaty.

Technicality overrides morality.

Fuck it.

The music. The politics.

We’re on the same team.

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Anonymous: take your protein pills, and put your helmet on

how did you know


(Written March 3rd, 2012)

I’m in a dance of keeping and getting rid of things on a normal basis. I plan to only keep things that I know I can appreciate forever, which is probably why I have so much unique kitschy shit. In the past year, I have gotten rid of so many things that I bought knowing I didn’t need them. Everything I have serves a purpose now. Its own purpose. Once I find that it doesn’t, it will go too. For the things I don’t really need, I try to justify keeping them. Its much easier to just suck it up, put it in a box, and get rid of it, because after that moment, I would have never interacted with that object again either way. I find myself being able to breathe clearly after I get rid of something, its humbling. Maybe that only works because of my acceptance rate for life, but its easier to justify that they can serve better purposes for someone else than they do for me. I will continue to collect kitschy shit, but I have cut out the step of getting rid of things by not buying them in a first place. I look around my room and can honestly say everything has a story. I’ve realized thats how life should be as well.

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